1 Apr 2015

Hey Jerry! Put down the bong and listen!

Even far over here, amidst rainstorms, I am hearing about California's water shortage and the Governor's "order" to reduce use by 25 percent.

Sadly, his orders appear to mix up agricultural (80%) with urban (20%) use, i.e., he talks about lawns and urban prices (two worthy targets!) while "missing" the role of agriculture.

Let me help: farmers use 80 percent of "developed" water... and more if you consider groundwater. Therefore, I suggest that Brown shut down irrigation and pay off farmers [for surface water], so there's more water for cities people. Here are further, useful details.

Bottom Line: BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS should target BIG USERS of water, not people in cities.

H/Ts to EF, RM and VZ


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha !

Anonymous said...

Man makes a shortage!

I thought you were talking colletively, but this shows just one can be sufficient.

EF said...

In re: "suggest(ing) that Brown shut down irrigation and pay off farmers". Perhaps I am reading this wrong, but are you suggesting that the 76k+ farmers in Calif. no longer get water and California seizes to be one of the largest agriculture "countries" in the world?

VZ said...

Well, we can always hope this announcement was a joke.

David Zetland said...

@EF -- Yes, indeed. My priorities are people over food crops, since it's easier to import food than water (or export people). Nobody farms in the Sahara, and California without rain is a desert...
@VZ -- Maybe his was April Fools but not mine! ;)

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