13 Apr 2015

Anything but water

  1. This essay resonates with me, as it relates to a trend ("money will fix this problem") that began with Bush II. Consider:
    If two people punch each other, or even draw a knife on each other, police are unlikely to get involved. Drive down the street in a car without license plates, on the other hand, and the authorities will show up instantly, threatening all sorts of dire consequences if you don't do exactly what they tell you.

    The police, then, are essentially just bureaucrats with weapons. Their main role in society is to bring the threat of physical force—even, death—into situations where it would never have been otherwise invoked, such as the enforcement of civic ordinances about the sale of untaxed cigarettes.
    Related: The monetization of higher education, e.g., "The current denaturing of the universities treats them less like a park than a shopping mall"

  2. An excellent explanation of how academics can should use blogs and how the internet makes you angry

  3. Legal prostitution has many drawbacks, but it does reduce some forms of rape (lots of poor logic in this article, mostly claiming that legalization will not stop rape. No duh)

  4. Edmonton (capital of Alberta, Canada) has decided to give its sidewalk space to cars

  5. Did you know that "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese"? :)

  6. China's Mr Wang tackles corruption with fear and violence. He may succeed
H/T to CD

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Barbara Johnson said...

#4 is a nice belated April Fools article. Shame on me - took me a while to catch on

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