13 Mar 2015

The lies put before our eyes

I'm not a fan of advertising, which tends to distort reality in favor of the advertiser and against the consumer.

Take this box of "100% juice" for example...

As you can see, the manufacturer's image is clearly lying about what's in the box. Yes, a consumer can find out for themselves what's in there (you can find 56% apple by subtracting all the other percentages from 100%), but people tend to shop quickly, not slowly. They know that.

Going from there, what does this image imply about what they know or want to project?

Would you say that they are projecting a 50/50 ratio of genders, such that every one of the three students gets the same respect?

Do you have any good examples of "the lie in front of our eyes"?

Do you think advertising serves the public interest?

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