6 Mar 2015

Speed blogging

  1. Here's an article on irrigation, the environment and fisheries in California (I'm quoted)

  2. Bio-toilets are a useful solution for communities lacking infrastructure (or competent sanitation authorities)

  3. Increasing block rates are "under attack" in California from water hogs facing steep charges (in excess of "fair" costs). I've argued against them as over-complex, inaccurate and fiscally destabilizing attempts at social engineering. Maybe this is a useful lawsuit?

  4. Israel and Jordan -- with US money -- agree on a project that will neither protect the Dead Sea nor change unsustainable water use (mostly Israeli irrigation). FAIL

  5. The Dutch are back in Indonesia... helping them use "green infrastructure" to protect their coasts. Speaking of Dutch, Jay Lund applies Dutch ideas to California's levees. Lesson one: "Define problems in ways they can be solved"

  6. Aqueduct launches the India Water Tool to improve risk management with crowd-sourced data
H/Ts to BM and RM

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