24 Mar 2015

Speed blogging

  1. I got mentioned a lot last week, i.e., over at Marginal Revolution, Reason Magazine and Knowledge Problem. Seems that "mismanagement" -- the word I used to describe the crisis on radio last week -- is good for business attention. Besides my own writing, I recommend PPIC's post on useful actions to take and ridicule the "anti-Nestle coalition of useless" for attacking a company responsible for none of the crisis. It's noise like this that keeps California on the edge of disaster

  2. Emily Green explains the history and role of California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

  3. Submit a paper to win the ERRA [energy, water] Regulatory Research Award by 31 May! If that's too "advanced" for you, then attend the International Summer School on Regulation of Local Public Services in Torino, Italia (deadline 10 June)

  4. Businesses are pushing for resolution of California's drought, i.e., management reforms, since they can't push for "rain reform." I've supported this move (slow in coming) for years. Luckily, Ceres is trying to coordinate collective action to get businesses on board

  5. German brewers win protection from fracking pollution. Why isn't this everywhere?

H/Ts to BB and RM

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