3 Mar 2015

Speed blogging

  1. I'm on EconTalk this week... talking about water :)

  2. Alberto Garrido is giving a webinar on "Water Challenges in the Agricultural Sector" this Friday. Before you listen, read Gomez and Perez's paper on the paradox of individual irrigation conservation leading to greater total consumption

  3. I've got short bit on Marketplace but say more on a separate, two minute clip on underpriced water (and under-maintained infrastructure)

  4. Emily Green points out the dangers of replacing trees with rocks, i.e., not much water savings for a big loss in neighborhood values

  5. Chinese farmers are paying more for groundwater but rebating the money in the community. The policy is functioning, politically acceptable, and good for groundwater status. It's also very similar to my ideas of all-in-auctions for irrigation water and raise prices and rebate excess revenues for urban water