17 Mar 2015

How much do you pay for the water you use?

The March activity for the 2015 Water Smarts Calendar (free download!) is to look at your water bill for your use and charges, to find the average price you pay for the water you use (actual calculations based on fixed and variable costs are much more complex).

non-metric swearing...
If you want to do this, then please go to the project page and click on the March link, which goes to a website I've promoted in the past. Note that it's easiest to enter data if you're from California, but the US is also possible.

For international readers, I suggest you convert your use to gallons (263 gallons/m3), your currency into USD, and put your location as Sparks, Nevada (a real place). Sorry to force you out of the much better metric system (see image).

Also feel free to complete the February activity. I will scoop the data and blog on that question next week (so do it now :)


aguayaseo said...

I want contibute but I do not see where to do it in that web site of CA

David Zetland said...

Whoops. The link has gone dead. Big problem. Sorry. Let me figure something out.

David Zetland said...

Seems to be working again: http://ca-pricing.statewater.org/

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