9 Mar 2015

Anything but water

  1. Write off Greece's debt (long but very insightful). Related: Give printed money ("quantitative easing") to the middle class instead of bankers and America returns to the 19th century (inequality, monopoly, booming prisons, etc.)

  2. Why America keeps losing wars (hint: uncommitted, uninformed posturing)

  3. Russia would probably be sociopathic (even without Putin). Related: How to counter the nationalist propaganda that is driving Russia's aggression

  4. Lebanon's "generator mafia" blocks proper utility services

  5. My book -- Living with Water Scarcity -- has been posted on the bit-torrent (pirate) network. That's funny because you can already download a better copy (for free) here
H/T to BB


Anonymous said...

Please familiarize yourself with the widely available information regarding who is fomenting what in Ukraine and elsewhere, asking yourself what we/you would think if Russia were putting military installations in Mexico and/or Canada before you propagate any more conspicuously stupid thought about what's happening in one of the most dangerous situations in the world right now. Thank you.

David Zetland said...

I have familiarized myself. (1) US stupidity is no justification for Russian aggression. (2) The US has no interest in invading Russia. What's to win? (3) Canada and Mexico would not ACCEPT Russian bases, given their friendly relations with the US (even given silly US policies on drugs, etc.). Russia's neighbors are eager for "foreign" bases because they fear -- with many precedents, including E UKR today -- Russian invasion. The "dangerous situation" in Ukraine would NOT EXIST if it were not for Russian aggression. You're welcome.

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