27 Mar 2015

Anything but water

  1. How Putin et al. are robbing the Russians blind. Coming from the other direction, Zimbabwe's Minister of Finance (from the opposition party, often undermined by Mugabe) describes his attempts to help his people

  2. State-by-state crony capitalism in the US, plus the $760 for $1 returns lobbyists get from US politicians (using other people's money, of course)

  3. How does drawing help us think? Probably in the same way that good teaching helps students learn

  4. The departing Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection got a nice present from staff: 26 pages of "Everything is Fine [since climate change isn't happening]"

  5. Israel's policies on Palestine are based on its own experience (and success) as a terrorist state against pre-WWII Britain

  6. Insurance companies will destroy the insurance business if they find out too much about us

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