17 Mar 2015

Anything but water

The Brits are funny (unofficially)
  1. Utilities are freaking out about distributed power generation (e.g., solar panels) because (a), they sometimes need to pay for surplus power and (b) they lose revenue that covers fixed network costs (sound familiar?). The stable and efficient solution is to raise fixed charges and pay customers for their surplus. You're welcome

  2. Economists are pretty happy (I am, because I study and apply happiness-increasing technology :), but not necessarily from publication, which is seen as "a means to an end." Incentives, anyone?

  3. "Arabs" lost the wheel because camels were so efficient

  4. The US government bans itself from using its data. Chuckling at their incompetence? Then read this terrifying report on how US/UK spies hacked companies to access our mobile phones (handy for drone strikes, eavesdropping and guilt by proximity) and then read how the sugar lobby is manipulating and distorting diet recommendations as a digestief. If these examples give you heartburn, then join the Pirate Party (I did)

  5. An excellent blog post on why methane leaks are so common in the US. Related: Alberta steps towards better regulations on tailings ponds and pollution
H/Ts to TD and RM

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