20 Feb 2015

Speed blogging

  1. IB-NET has a great new search function to help you find and see more data on utilities around the world

  2. Check out Jenny Ross's amazing photo essay, "Why the Disappearance of the Arctic's Sea Ice Matters" [pdf]

  3. "A simple IBT [Increasing Block Tariff] tariff disregarding household size may not be "fair" at all"

  4. How to improve "the quality of economic regulation of the Dutch drinking water sector

  5. Watch this short film on efforts to "restore balance" to Mexico City's over-populated, over-drained valley

  6. Try this [PDF] for unsustainable:
    Government subsidies for Bahrain's municipal water sector stood at BD123 million (US$326m) in the financial year 2012/13, having risen by 173 per cent since 2006 as water demand and the costs of domestically produced natural gas increased. Even water consumption of over 100m3/month – a category into which 31 per cent of subscribers fall – receives a subsidy of more than 70 per cent
H/T to ZS

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