10 Feb 2015

Speed blogging

  1. Read this cool paper [pdf] on innovative ways to bring water to low-income communities (many applications in less-developed countries). Related: Frank Steenbergen blogs on "cheap" access to groundwater and writes on the politics of groundwater management in Ethiopia and Yemen. Also: Chinese groundwater users associations managing scarcity

  2. Marketplace interviewed me on water pricing and conservation (more to come, I hope)

  3. More dams are being removed in the US (some, in line with my suggestion, as a quid-pro-quo for license renewal; see p 740 in this PDF)

  4. Three papers on the (water-energy-food-climate) "nexus" as a means of protecting community, renewed promise of security, and/or complement/substitute to IWRM

  5. EU research money at work: "The SmartH2O project aims to provide water utilities, municipalities and citizens, with an ICT-enabled [open source] platform to design, develop and implement better water management practices and policies." They are still building, so contact them to get involved or learn more

H/Ts to SJ, RM, GV and BW

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