5 Feb 2015

Can I get a doggie bottle for this water?

We asked for water at a Thai restaurant (Amsterdam tap water is excellent) and got this:

I recommend that you get the rest of your "ice water" in a bottle to go if they have the cojones to charge you for it.


NMorris said...

how would you like to pay for your water (ice, jug, labour)?
On the bill as an express item, or as part of the overhead markup on the Rioja, Chardonnay and food?
Are you offended by the fact that the restaurant charged for water, the price charged, or that it wasn't on the menu as a charge?
NMO :)

David Zetland said...

Nigel -- I was offended that (1) it was not on the menu (or not pointed out to me), (2) that they "switched" tap water for "iced tap water" (familiar to those of you who get bottled water when asking for "water"), and that its price -- was it rolled into the cost of food -- would be about 4 EUR/1,000 liters, or EUR 0.002 for the half liter served.

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