23 Jan 2015

Speed blogging

  1. "The Water Project Toolkit application provides guidance and information on best practices for implementing water and sanitation projects in the developing world." Please tell me if this is useful

  2. "The Economics of Bulk Water Transport in Southern California" provides an analysis of moving water, via Spragg bags. Will Santa Cruz go for it?

  3. "Only Half of Drugs Removed by Sewage Treatment." The rest end up in the environment and your drinking water. On that note, I wonder -- seriously -- about the links between hormones, "genetic" homosexuality, and "intersex" people. If it can happen in fish, why not in us?

  4. World Bank economists look into "Agricultural Water Productivity" and see lots of gaps. Read and learn

  5. Lobster fishermen may actually be lobster farmers. That's not a problem for lobster eaters, but it is for (subsequently) unbalanced ecosystems

  6. CATO published my response [pdf] to Gary Liebcap's review of Living with Water Scarcity

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