15 Jan 2015

Speed blogging

  1. I was interviewed in Oklahoma back in Nov 2013, but these clips -- on "Water Conservation" (7.5 min) and "Water Shortage" (6 min) --were just broadcast. They're pretty good :)

  2. I think that Westlands is playing chicken with the Bureau of Recreation, by planting almond trees that make them vulnerable to "$ millions in losses" if they don't get water...

  3. Using algae to clean wastewater, VietNam's hydropower industry -- part of a bad trend in the region -- is out of control, and too much fluoride in the water

  4. A nice update on the water impacts of fracking

  5. Aquadoc has two interesting posts (this and this) on the pros and cons of private-public partnerships. Like him, I see little to worry about compared to incompetent and/or indolent regulations, when it comes to performance

  6. Ralph Pentland warns of deteriorating US-Canadian relations on shared waters [pdf]


EH said...

Have you considered whether Westlands has purchased crop insurance?

David Zetland said...

@EH -- No. Have they ? I doubt they could buy drought insurance as they're no rainfall in the area. Their water comes via "human systems" that cannot be covered by insurance. Further to my point on chicken, read the bit in this post on how USACE "values" projects based on the protection they provide, even when they are protecting houses in floodplains.

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