15 Jan 2015

Speed blogging

  1. I was interviewed in Oklahoma back in Nov 2013, but these clips -- on "Water Conservation" (7.5 min) and "Water Shortage" (6 min) --were just broadcast. They're pretty good :)

  2. I think that Westlands is playing chicken with the Bureau of Recreation, by planting almond trees that make them vulnerable to "$ millions in losses" if they don't get water...

  3. Using algae to clean wastewater, VietNam's hydropower industry -- part of a bad trend in the region -- is out of control, and too much fluoride in the water

  4. A nice update on the water impacts of fracking

  5. Aquadoc has two interesting posts (this and this) on the pros and cons of private-public partnerships. Like him, I see little to worry about compared to incompetent and/or indolent regulations, when it comes to performance

  6. Ralph Pentland warns of deteriorating US-Canadian relations on shared waters [pdf]