9 Jan 2015

Some fascinating reading

These papers [all PDFs] will interest many of you.
  1. Swartwout (1992): "Current utility practice from an historical perspective" -- useful context and precedents
  2. Young et al (2000): "Interstate water trading -- a two year review" -- insights into Australia's water market development
  3. Bjornlund and O'Connor (2005): "Property implications of the separation of land and water rights" -- more ideas from Oz*
  4. Noussair and van Soest (2014): "Economic experiments and environmental policy" -- understanding real behavior
  5. McRae (2015): "Infrastructure quality and the subsidy trap" -- subsidies undermine water services to the poor (as I said on page 23 of my book!)
  6. Cicala (2015): "When Does Regulation Distort Costs?" -- Prices based on "cost of service" promote use of dirtier, expensive fuel
H/Ts to MD, JF and JR
* More: "Water markets as a vehicle for reforming water resource allocation in the Murray-Darling Basin of Australia"

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