28 Jan 2015

Global water crisis number one threat to society?

Let's hope indeed, as such headlines should draw more attention to water management failures and the need to reform -- in recognition, of course, of The End of Abundance.

But first one caveat (and a good one): There is no single global water crisis. There are, rather, a bunch of local crises (and non-crises), each with characteristics unique to their locations. That means that solutions can be found and implemented in each place without needing to coordinate with others (as is the case with nuclear warfare or GHGs).

Bottom Line: There's no global water crisis, and local water crises are not inevitable to those people who learn to live with water scarcity!

H/T to GE


  1. For what it's worth, the WEF risk report gave "Water Crises" (plural) the top spot for risk in terms of impact.



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