19 Jan 2015

Anything but water

  1. The drop in oil prices represents an opportunity to scrap subsidies. Indonesia's cuts free $billions for poverty reduction. Here's the case for raising gas taxes in the US (if only to restore funding for highway maintenance). Think America's taxes are too high? They are $0.18/gallon at the Federal level and $0.70 in California but $5.50 in the Netherlands (!). Related: "The conventional wisdom on oil is always wrong"

  2. The OECD concludes that "increasing environmental regulations do not restrict growth," but their form (e.g., taxes good, regulations bad) can really matter

  3. Lobbying 101: "The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of jaywalking"

  4. It takes a genius to simplify: Richard Feynman in action. Related: How to approach difficult conversations. Step 1: Keep your cool

  5. The economics of Seinfeld in many short lessons
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