13 Jan 2015

Anything but water

  1. The Saudi government will try two UAE women who defied the driving ban in a terrorism court. (Saudi is the only country in the world prohibiting women from driving)

  2. Norman Lear talks about the "good ol days" of Americans working together, even among the sexists, bigots and idiots. Why? It was before echo-chamber political polarization. Related: "Top 100 donors give almost as much as 4.75 million small donors combined"

  3. The more we make, the less leisure we take. That paradox explains why American-capitalists are "rich" and harried while Euro-socialists are comfortable and (more) relaxed

  4. Afghanistan's opium (heroin) crop is larger than ever due to US tolerance of traffickers (as a means of maintaining political support) and US-supported drug bans that make the crop so profitable. I wrote about the economics of Afghan opium in 2003. Related, this excellent piece on corruption and its blowback: "U.S. support for despotic, disreputable regimes ends up fuelling radicalism"

  5. The Academic book mill publishes crap on demand. I gave them my thesis but also put it online for free. So far, they've sold three copies but people have downloaded my thesis over 1,000 times

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