20 Dec 2014

The 2015 Water Smarts Calendar is FUNDED... but wait!

There are $2,000 in pledges so far. That's awesome, as it means the project is funded and the calendar will be produced and distributed.

BUT it's not over!

First -- please DO pledge if you want to get a calendar (or more). There's nothing wrong with going "over target" as I'm happy to get as many supporters as possible. The average pledge is $44, but $20 gets you a calendar. There are still 11 days to join in...

Second -- more people and more pledges means more calendars in more places, which will improve out overall water smarts. What's wrong with that?

Third -- I'm having second thoughts on printing 500 copies and sending them around -- mostly because I only have a few days to do all the work when I'm in California in mid-Jan. Maybe it's better to put out a PDF of the calendar, to "help" the world?

Feel free to opinionate here, or email me.

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