15 Dec 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Fleck, riffing on my Water Smarts calendar, offers some useful perspective on the 20% who care and the 80% who don't care about water issues (until forced)

  2. Australia will probably suffer $1 trillion in additional damage from climate change by 2100, especially in places vulnerable to floods and wildfires. Related: NOAA has a "toolkit" to help Americans prepare for climate-related disasters

  3. An excellent overview [pdf] of the OECD's activities and reports on improving water management

  4. This review of ecosystem services payments in Latin America brings up troubling questions on payments and results (it's complicated). Semi-related: A discussion of the factors affecting markets for water rights in Chile

  5. Yale researchers track wastewater treatment as an input to improving drinking water quality in the next round of "Development Goals." (Recall my critique of the water MDG, which redefined the target from "access to clean water" to "access to an improved water source" (water or not)

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