10 Dec 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Garrick and Hall have a nice review paper: "Water Security and Society: Risks, Metrics, and Pathways" [pdf]. Related: The water risk monetizer (no idea how it compares to WDI's Aqueduct)

  2. The US Conference of Mayors complains that EPA regulations "unfairly burden" poor households [pdf] and ask for "more flexibility" in implementing those regulations. I don't blame the EPA, but cities that charge for improvements through fixed charges instead of (1) property taxes and/or (2) "scarcity [of clean water] surcharges" -- both of which would fall on the rich more than the poor. On the latter's progressive structure, read this post

  3. Free webinar on 15 Dec: "Land and Water Governance In Urban Regions"

  4. Senator Dianne Feinstein continues to represent the 1 percent -- rich farmers -- over the 99 percent of Californians who benefit from functioning ecosystems

  5. Los Angeles has (by necessity) started to save its runoff and "used" water for reuse. Bravo!
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