4 Dec 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Here's a 12 minute video of me on water challenges (water wars not among them :)

  2. A nice discussion on water rights in China

  3. Academics conclude keep the debate going: "Public shareholding (vs privatization) and centre-right (vs left) local governments negatively affect water utility performance"

  4. "This review finds that constructed wetlands are effective in CSO treatment and relatively less expensive to build than comparable grey infrastructure. Constructed wetlands not only remove pollutants, but also mitigate the event-associated flow regime." Related: An integrated approach "towards systemic change in urban sanitation"

  5. Bullard and Eckstein give a nice summary of actions to promote sustainable water management. Related: The costs and benefits of restoring watersheds as a means of protecting the quality and quantity of urban water sources. Pricing urban water for conservation, the "conventional wisdom" of which is nicely balanced in the comments

H/T to RG, RM and GS

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