4 Dec 2014

Is the city for people or cars?

Cornelia sent me this brilliant illustration of the "pedestrian reality" in many cities:

How safe do you feel, in such an environment?


  1. This is how I feel in the suburbs, too, when taking my 1 year old on a walk. He wants to run in people's yards or run onto the street and it is soul-sucking to encourage him to stay on the straight line of the sidewalk. No one ever uses their front yard, what is the point? It should be public space if it is not being used, especially if it is being watered. Maybe this is only in California where everyone is too busy working all the time to afford their house and unable to use their front yard.

  2. If we make cities vehicle free, where do the residents work and how do they get there? If the answer is to fill cities with busses and metros, who pays for these things?
    As to suburbs, if the government can expropriate everyone's front lawn, what happens to property rights and laws. Why would voters choose to donate their land to the government so that the government would maintain it badly and encourage the property owners to move elsewhere?
    Externalities are everywhere.

  3. See the latest issue of Smithsonian magazine for a great article on how streets were converted from people focused to auto focused!


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