8 Dec 2014

Anything but water

  1. California's carbon program is expanding to include gasoline. Prices will rise by 10 cents/gallon (not the end of the world), and people will think a little harder about how much gasoline they use. Don't forget that British Colombia has had a functioning carbon tax for years! Related: prices falling for different reasons, i.e., some investors are selling oil/gas shares because their value will plunge if we're going to leave carbon in the ground. Others are selling because Saudi is over-supplying the market to squash fracking. (They will not succeed in the long run, but they ARE destabilizing Venezuela, Iran, Russia et al. in the short run)

  2. Very helpful tips on giving (research) presentations. Semi-related: Academics caught reviewing their own "peer reviewed" papers, the open access (money-to-publish) journal that accepted a paper consisting entirely of "Get me off your fcuking mailing list," and how academic "controls" obscure the racism they're looking for.

  3. The skeptics guide to institutions will help you understand the use and limits of this word in academic research

  4. Indonesia's new president is cracking down on deforestation and reducing fuel subsidies. I LIKE this guy!

  5. The midlife crisis is driven by unmet expectations and ended by the realization that it's not all that bad

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