19 Nov 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Members of Congress are attempting to stop the EPA from regulating "fleeting" bodies of water. I agree that such regulation represents a huge reach for power, but I also worry about local politicians who sacrifice waters for short term financial (and corrupt) gains

  2. California farmers are harvesting record tonnage of tomatoes in the middle of a record drought. Why? Because they got a good price for tomatoes. How? Because they begged, borrowed bought, or stole the water they needed. Impacts? Tomatoes will be cheap, but other crops more expensive. Oh, and groundwater further depleted

  3. Law of unintended consequences example #2943: the Ivanpah solar array in California's desert is generating 40% of promised power, cooking birds and depleting groundwater necessary for operations. Whoops

  4. IWMI (the people who know) have a free book (pdf) on how to set and achieve water-related sustainable development goals

  5. On 10 Dec, you can attend the California-Australia Dialogue on Drought Solutions (free or cheap) to learn how Australians lived through their Millennium Drought. (Hint: markets)
H/T to RM and SS

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