8 Nov 2014

Flashback: 3-9 Nov 2013

A year later and still worth reading...
  • Down the Drain -- the review informs on how Canada is mismanaging its water
  • Water in Oklahoma -- I'm not sure if anything's improved in the past year. Pro-energy, anti-science Jim Inhofe won re-election to the Senate, so I doubt if polices are going to recognize reality anytime soon :(

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  1. Things have been relatively quiet on the water front in OK. The drought has eased considerably, and so, the short-sighted folks have forgotten all about it. However, there is one powerful group, Farm Bureau, that is quietly advocating a plan that would build a huge pipe line to move water water from the relatively wet southeast part of the state to the dry west for the purpose of irrigating crops. They suggest paying for it by selling water to Texas. Both aspects of this plan are very controversial.


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