18 Nov 2014

Bleg: Maps of underwater sewage pipes?

MT emails:

"I am starting a project on water and combining it with my love for underwater photography am creating a catalogue of images and with my photos I want to add more information to them than just the exif, things like open water sewage pipes, anything sunk nearby which had oil or chemicals on it, etc.

It's so I can add geolocation with map to each photo and then also extra information. It came about from diving in the Llyn Peninsula, Gwynedd, North West Wales and my partner read up about at low tide you can see a sewage pipe at the place we went diving, Trefor.

I was wondering if you knew of any maps which showed pipes going in to sea's or other waters or anything like this at all? If not no worries, maybe you could highlight some other ideas that I could 'attach' to my photos?"

1 comment:

  1. David Lloyd Owen1 Dec 2014, 15:29:00

    I wonder of Google Earth might help here? It could (where the resolution is adequate) at least find you some locations.


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