26 Nov 2014

As a migrant...

A friend of mine wrote this on FB:
So being a poor immigrant means more than not owning a home, not having nice clothes and not speaking the language. It also means not having a home-community with strong ties to relatives, neighbors, friends, church members etc. These factors could affect one's ability to see, establish and appreciate such vital connections. I have seen and felt this "numbness" in myself and others in a way that reminds me of the first day I stepped into a new school in a new country with a different language. It makes me SO appreciate my first U.S. teacher Mrs. M. who started teaching me English, my first Mexican friend EV who also spoke (albeit a weird version of) Spanish, my first high school friends..., my neighbors..., my adopted family..., and SO many others! THANK YOU!!! We are ONE human race, ONE community, ONE family. We all have SO much LOVE to give and yet have no idea how much even the tiniest gesture of KINDNESS can mean to those that need it!
Bottom Line: Even 30 years later, these feelings are worth appreciating.

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