28 Nov 2014

Anything but water

  1. People may disagree on the definition of "green job" (I think it's silly), but that's no excuse for politicians to bury a study on green jobs for partisan gain. Speaking of politicians, Coyote says President Obama should not ignore laws "to do the right thing"

  2. Oil-rich gulf rulers are stripping citizenship from advocates of democracy and openness

  3. Does describing an ecosystem as "degraded" mean scientists are biased? Related: Peter Thiel (Paypal, Facebook) has interesting (anti-academic) opinions on education and innovation

  4. "Development People" fail because they keep trying to do The One Big Thing

  5. "Today nearly one in six Americans lives within three miles of a major hazardous waste site... That these contaminated places are no longer the focus of national attention is in part due to a rarely cited phenomenon: governmental competence"

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