13 Nov 2014

Anything but water

  1. This article on the performance revolution in athletics ends with a plea to spend the same effort on education. Good idea, but some governments prefer "bread and circuses" to an educated population

  2. Richard Branson's Virgin Group makes money off the name "Virgin" not running good businesses. That's why he's always doing stunts

  3. The Living Wage Foundation recommends GBP 9.15 per hour ($14.50; the official minimum is GBP 6.50). The curious part is that the 1,000 companies that are members of the LWF implement that suggestion. That's good for workers and does little harm to the companies (their competitors are also LWF members), so the cost is passed along to customers. Clever

  4. Conservatives and liberals "disagree with science" when they dislike the policy implications. I guess that means finding a conservative message on why taxes can go up and a liberal message on why spending can go down. Ask your local libertarian for help

  5. The Dutch vs. other Europeans:
    Yes the Brits and the Dutch share a love of fast food, deep fried sludge and ready meals. If it wasn’t for the constant cycling, the Dutch would be suffering from similar rates of obesity that now exist in the UK.