24 Oct 2014

Speed blogging

These "lily pads" clean water (cost needs to fall)
  1. News from Chile: Water market participants are more efficient with water than non-market participants and new challenges facing water suppliers who now provide drinking water and wastewater services to 99 percent of the population

  2. California bureaucrats are "trying really hard" (but not doing so well) when it comes to following their own conservation mandates

  3. These Silicon Valley guys are drinking recycled water (toilet-treatment-tap)

  4. Biased source, but Westlands has indeed swung a nice deal (free water, lots of money) out of the Feds. Rights or corruption?

  5. Monterey residents are protesting "unfair" water rates. CalAm's rates guy emailed me an explanation:
    Residents are billed on an allotment based structure where the more used the higher the terminal rates. Non-residential are billed on compliance or non-compliance with best management practices and the amount of outdoor watering. Residents are protesting that non-residential are billed on flat rates per division (based on compliance and outdoor watering), so they have a "sweet" deal. We have strongly defended the current structure since the two lowest residential tiers are less than the lowest non-residential rate and over 80% of residential consumption being in the lowest two tiers.
    So, let's not defend the "water hogs," eh?
H/T to ML, RM and SS

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