15 Oct 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Kim Weir (Up the Road) wrote a great overview of Living with Water Scarcity in one two three parts

  2. Taps run dry in Porterville, California (due to agricultural overdrafting), but Fleck makes a good point: 99+ percent of Californians are still getting water. My comment? Porterville as a canary does not bode well for California's future. (Neither does San Lucas, whose water is contaminated by ag chemicals)

  3. "Water politics must adapt to a warming world." Where's that? Check out the global drought map

  4. "A Case Study of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority" that may be useful for reforming Colorado River Basin (CRB) governance. Related: The 1975 prediction of the CRB's "water bankruptcy"

  5. Access to clean water is "worth a year of extra education" to rural Chinese children

H/Ts to LB and SC


  1. What's your position on California's Prop 1?

  2. I'll answer in a post next week.


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