29 Oct 2014

Bleg: How can I get started in environmental sustainability?

J, a former student, asks:
I'm living in Toronto and I'd like to work as a consultant on environmental sustainability. I majored in economics and minored in Geography, but I seem to lack the knowledge that people get from environmental engineering. Can you give me some advice on skills to learn (more education? professional certificate)?


  1. My advice is to get a job related to what you want to do. It seems that you have sufficient education to get started, so, not to be too blunt, get started. Get a few years of experience and then think about what next in terms of education.

    If you decide that you really want to be an engineer and build things, you've got time to collect the credentials for that path. After a few years, no matter what path you follow, you'll likely be managing people, projects and budgets.

    So, that's my $.02 and worth every penny you've paid for it!

  2. Don't forget that "engineering" is a guild profession in Canada. You will be sued if you call yourself an engineer without (1) a proper engineering degree and (2) membership to the right association.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I may just start with an entry level administrative or sales position to get to know the industry better.


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