14 Oct 2014

Anything but water

During the student posts, I saved a lot of cool stuff for you:
  1. "In the Utopia, unlike today, schools would be designed by people who asked systematically about the main problems in people's work and home lives – and then worked backwards" to provide those schools

  2. People think CEOs get paid a lot, but they don't realize CEOs get paid 6 (Poland) to 50 (USA) times as much as they think. How much would an American worker make, at "ideal" rates? $1.8 million. Is American innumeracy to blame? Related: excellent interview on Capital in the 21st Century (Piketty)

  3. The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy gave us "planned obsolescence." Will we see that with CFLs? Speaking of energy, the EU's "renewables" policy is neither green (burning wood from abroad) nor economic (subsidies). FAIL.

  4. The two jobs closest to 50/50 male/female split? Property managers and computer operators. Surprises: economists and mathematicians are 46% and 51% male, respectively

  5. An update on "how we relate," i.e., a person usually has about 150 friends, 50 close friends, 15 people you can trust for support and 5 "best friends." There's also an upscale, by threes. Big "no news"? Social networks don't alter these ratios, since they are more about time budgets than apps

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