29 Sep 2014

Speed blogging

  1. This Brazilian artist is raising awareness of urban water pollution

  2. "Invest" in preventing climate change because it makes good business sense

  3. Tomorrow! There's a webinar on water and sanitation in Africa's media at 12:00 GMT. More info here.

  4. Pre-1990 projections of global water demand overshot reality, while post-190 projections undershot the mark [pdf]. Maybe it's better to focus on local supply and demand? Speaking of scary projections, world population "should" hit 11 billion by 2100.

  5. No, water utilities do not need subsidies to "find" cheaper ways of providing water. Subsidies steer innovations in the "planned" -- rather than the efficient -- direction

  6. Property rights: The northern Aral Sea is recovering because Kazakstan has build a dam to protect "its share." Uzbekistan continues to sacrifice the rest of the Aral for its criminal cotton program (farmers are forced to sell to the government, which keeps revenue for cronies)

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