10 Sep 2014

Speed blogging

  1. "Water Security in the Middle East" and "The Water Crisis in Iran" [pdfs] focus on the institutional and managerial failures that turn difficult physical conditions into the conditions of collapse. Related: Where Will The World's Water Conflicts Erupt?

  2. Interesting podcasts (here and here) on the roll out of smart meters (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) in San Francisco

  3. California pays too much attention to policing "correct" water use and not enough on pricing for scarcity and "How to Slake California's Thirst" (quotes me)

  4. This paper quantifies the importance of utilizing BOTH technology (efficient appliances) and techniques (awareness, habits) for conserving water

  5. The "Vulnerability Sourcebook" will help you assess a country’s vulnerability to climate change; the "Strengthening Aquatic Resource Governance" project relies on collective action to prevent conflicts around aquatic resources (like water and fish)

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