23 Sep 2014

Anything but water

  1. A Dutch student photoshops her holiday to "prove" how easy it is to lie about reality on Facebook

  2. Peter Thiel (Paypal, Facebook, etc.) explains the difference between a good monopoly that innovates to make excess profits and a bad one that counts on protection for excess profits. This essay, meanwhile, backs Amazon in its quest to drive down book prices, even if publishers get screwed -- like scribes were

  3. An excellent podcast on the abuse of economic models (something that's annoyed me for ages) that every graduate student (and connoisseur of bullshit) should listen to. Related: Academics review papers more quickly when they are paid, either because they like the money or respect for their effort it represents

  4. ...and then they came for the computers: don't believe governments claiming that limits on technology will protect us from piracy, viruses, terrorists, etc.

  5. "Poverty" is not the same in developed countries. Inequality is the real -- and actionable -- problem
H/Ts to RM and anon

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