25 Aug 2014

Speed blogging

  1. "David Zetland, a water policy analyst and author, says this [California farmers' claim to use less than 50 percent of water] is a distortion of facts"

  2. Here's the 57 min MP4 or MP3 and PDF for my AWRA webinar on "The Emergence of Wastewater as a New Supply"

  3. Tabletop water filters (e.g., Brita) are probably useless and may even make you sick

  4. Los Angeles sends out more water cops waste communications officers instead of fixing its lawn-subsidizing, people-penalizing tariffs. FAIL

  5. NOAA has published the State of the Climate 2013 and scientists have linked "the pause" in warming to changing deep-sea dynamics

  6. Will Christians help restore the Jordan River?
H/Ts to DL and RM

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