13 Aug 2014

Speed blogging

  1. California is "thinking about" legislation to regulate groundwater. Policymakers want to respect "local control," and I agree. The state should set targets (e.g., maintaining average water levels over the course of a year) while allowing locals to find ways to meet those targets. Speaking of groundwater, Aquadoc explains the difference between changes in stocks (storage) and flows (use). Instructive

  2. PWC put out a very nice summary of water in the GCC (Saudi, Dubai et al.) without addressing the problem (no political support for sustainability)

  3. "Water is already burnt"

  4. This paper discusses potential economic tools for balancing between hydropower production and river morphology (the need for ebb and flood)

  5. A nice summary of why politicians avoid mandatory water rationing, which would not be necessary if water prices rose (fell) in scarcity (abundance)

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