6 Aug 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Managing (and trading groundwater rights in) the High Plains Aquifer (KS, NE, TX) and how the French decentralized groundwater management

  2. Utilities can "increase their supply" by plugging network leaks. Why don't they do it more often? It's usually cheaper to take more water -- even by desalination -- than repair a leaking network

  3. California's regulation requiring water metering within irrigation districts (IDs) increases costs. This ID will sell water to pay those costs. Why should we care about WHO uses water within an ID, as long as its total diversion/use is tracked?

  4. Tracy Mehan's review of a book on public finance [pdf] points out the obvious (the gov't is broke) and a solution (more reliance on debt markets) for those who want to invest in water and environmental projects with cash flow. That's a good idea, given that 2/3rds of US utilities cannot even afford to maintain their systems

  5. Should government own water? No. Should government regulate water allocations? No. If you disagree, then please explain why government MUST intervene in these stages, as opposed to establishing regulations for in-stream flows, etc.
H/Ts to JC, SC and RM

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