14 Aug 2014

Here's a link to Living with Water Scarcity FREE


I've eliminated the stamp of your name and email.

Feel free to forward the PDF to anyone.

Sorry for complicating "free" :)

Back story: It's my present to you on MY birthday, where I said: 
Bottom Line: Everyone needs to do their part when it comes to managing our water, so I am giving my book to you for free. Your job is to use its ideas to inspire local action and help your community.


Amanda Rice said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi. Found the link on Marginal Revolution.

Thanks a lot for chapter 7. It helped me a lot to clarify the big mess of discussions around the human right to water.

"Cheap water" is a fallacy if close to 100% of the population is not connected to municipal network. If most of the population is connected, and the government wants to subsidize the service, fine. But if the water network coverage is low, water price for people connected to the network is low, and the reason for not expanding coverage is lack of resources.....this is wrong. Well-off people is connected to the network, have cheap water and the poor people pay more for water.

Thanks a lot for providing the words to communicate an idea. Have a good day.

David Zetland said...

@unknown -- you're exactly the reader I am trying to reach: someone who cares about the issue and wants to have a reasonable conversation on how to deal with problems.

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