7 Aug 2014

Canadian regulators sleep while industry pollutes

That's toxic waste going into your river
As I predicted, a levee failed in British Columbia, releasing 5 million tons of contaminated water into local rivers and threatening downstream aquifers, people and ecosystems.*

How did I "predict" this? By looking at the weak penalties and enforcement by the BC government. Mine operators knew three years ago that the levees were weak, but they did not act to prevent a breach. Will they pay 100 percent of the damages? I doubt it.

What's to be done? Read this post from last September -- the solution is to impose an insurance requirement that will risk real money if a spill occurs.

Bottom Line: Spills will happen "too often" as long as low spill penalties do not impact profits.

* I started tracking this phenomenon five years ago when (you guessed it!) a TVA levee broke and released tons of toxic waste into local rivers...