3 Jul 2014

Speed blogging

More pictures of this amazing "Heavy lift ship" here
  1. An overview of the process for adaptive planning at water utilities

  2. A group of authors has written chapters on water economics; transboundary water; water and development; water and energy; and water concepts for Global Water, a 240pp book that's free to download. It's more academic than my End of Abundance but a great resource

  3. A new report by political heavyweights (Bloomberg, Paulson, et al.) explains the economic effects ($ losses) from climate change -- building destruction, lower farm yields, heat exhaustion/deaths, etc.

  4. Groundwater banking beats desalination "when the water's available," which applies to places with seasonal water flows. This related piece looks at water banking in Arizona. The irony is that water is only "available" there because it's taken from elsewhere

  5. Prepaid irrigation meters in Bangladesh help with accounting, corruption, pricing, and sustainability
H/T to MGC


  1. Ok, I give up, why doesn't the ship being transported fall over?

  2. @polizeros: some combination of tank and line balancing. Not much info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy-lift_ship


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