23 Jul 2014

Booze, cigarettes and sweets?

We regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol and tobacco to under-18s for their own protection, but why do we allow unlimited sales of candy bars, soda, energy drinks and so on?

Those concentrated sources of sugar lead to cavities (I've got plenty), obesity, immuno-suppression, learning problems, etc. They do little or nothing positive for someone's health.

I'm proposing a regulation that limits the percentage of calories from sugar in prepared foods, not a ban on sugar, home baking, etc.



  1. Agree! My son is 17 months and has never had white sugar, except for in a 99% chocolate piece that I gave him in the hopes he wouldn't like it (it didn't work). No one should need to be "rich" like us in order to have the time and money to give a child homemade whole-food meals.

  2. (via email)

    JT: I'll give you my chocolate when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    DZ: Aren't you over 18?

    JT: Oh. Yeah. Cool.


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