29 Jul 2014

Anything but water

  1. The Great Philosophers: Epicurus recommended friends/work/calm over sex/money/luxury. Hegel discussed the messy nature of "progress"

  2. Tim Haab goes nuts on Australia's carbon tax repeal "...because it raised prices." Tim: "That's the freakin point!" and I totally agree. Related: California approaches its moment of truth (higher energy prices) and how little we know -- or have thought about -- the impacts of climate change

  3. The seven habits of highly mediocre people will help you to succeed -- or maybe relax

  4. A fascinating update on e-publishing shows (1) more popularity than paper and (2) ALL authors are better off self-publishing e-books

  5. Many macroeconomists mistakenly recommend population growth as a means of growing the economy or paying for pensions (example), but population growth is NOT necessary for economic growth

  6. Tipping in the US does NOT reward good service. It's a subsidy from customers to restaurant owners ($2.13 per hour? WTF?)
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