30 Jun 2014

Want to help translate Living with Water Scarcity?

I'd like to expand the audience for my book by issuing editions in other languages.

Some people on my mailing list have already agreed to help, but I am still looking for more people and more languages.

For each language I need:
  • A main translator
  • A few proof readers for all or part of the translated version
  • An author of an original preface to the translated edition
The PDF of my book only sells for US$5, so there's not too much money available as compensation.

I am proposing the following division of the $5 price:
  • 50 percent to the main translator
  • 10 percent to the proofreader(s)
  • 10 percent to the author of the preface
  • 30 percent to me (also covers administrative costs)
The translator and preface-writer will get front cover recognition. Proofreaders will be acknowledged inside the book.

I'm not sure how long translation will take you. The book has 30,000 words.

We've got a good start for Spanish, but need more help with Arabic, Chinese, French and Portuguese.

So, let me know if you want to help with those languages or others (Hindi? Greek? Swahili?)

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