25 Jun 2014

Speed blogging

  1. A scientist comes up with a simple (cheap) way to "sniff" sewers for leaks

  2. My guest post on oil sands and pipelines for Water Canada: "Ethical Water: Canada Must Protect the Environment, Jobs, and Taxpayers"

  3. Good move: Kiribati bans fishing to turn its waters into a marine sanctuary (and tourist attraction). Better news: Obama declares the largest marine reserve in the world (~2 mil km2)

  4. California's drought may bring $7 broccoli as a reflection of the "true cost of water," but it's also the result of a Farm Bill that prevents midwestern farmers from competing with California farmers. Congress Fail #24

  5. After a backlash from voters protecting their lawn subsidies, the City of Davis appears [lots of confusing statements] to be reverting to a disastrous combination of 87% of revenues from variable charges and a big "stabilization" fund. (Investors want the fund in case people use less water and revenues dive.) Average cost per customer will rise under this formula (due to the risk premium), but probably not water conservation. Fail.*
H/T to ND
* Also see yesterday's post and addendum

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