16 Jun 2014

Speed blogging

  1. A good post on developments in desalination technology, which is more often being applied to industrial and agricultural tailwater

  2. Increasing block rates do NOT reduce consumption over time

  3. Fascinating: The World Bank and Chinese government use remote sensing to allocate water rights. Sustainability, productivity and incomes are UP!

  4. The Handbook of Land and Water Grabs in Africa: Foreign direct investment and food and water security is out in paperback. Get it for 20 percent off ($44) with code "ECD14" (Our chapter on water and land grabs is here [pdf])

  5. MGC sends this great do-it-yourself story from India:
    I have a drinking water borewell (75m deep) fixed with 1 HP centrifugal pump which lifts around 500 litres per hour (very low yield), as there is practically no area to recharge, as every surface is cemented / asphalted. Last year this well water began to recede in quantity and in quality too (as the pumped water turned yellowish, perhaps due to salts). I used my rooftop (around 12m x 8m) for tapping and filtering rain water directly to the borewell. After I recharged the rainwater, my borewell performance has improved, and now yields around 750 liters per hour and the water color has turned normal.

    I suggest that consumers in India and elsewhere to replace recycling/reuse (which is expensive or taboo) with recharging their wells. The cost of recharge is less than 10 percent of the cost of a new well but the benefits are immense.

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