30 Jun 2014

Governance at the World Cup

Everyone knows that FIFA is corrupt, but its rules also need to be reformed if "the beautiful game" is not going to turn into a mish-mash of lawyers, actors and cry-babies.

Robben's dive at the end of yesterday's NL-MX match definitely got the Dutch a free penalty kick and maybe won them the game (a 1-1 game would have gone to extra time, etc.)

It was pretty pathetic:

That bad call (Robben claims he was really fouled) gave the Dutch a sour 2-1 win, but that win resulted in record-crazy at Museumplein (central Amsterdam):

It would have been sweeter is the Dutch had won fair and square.

Bottom Line: FIFA should require video-confirmation of controversial calls that result in penalty shots.


  1. He acted a little, but he was definitely touched by Marquez. Don´t forget that there was a more than clear penalty for Holland that was ignored by the referee in the first half of the match.

  2. I think it was a penalty (but I'm also a Dutch and a footballnoob) but I agree about the video-conformation. It works well in tennis and hockey.

  3. It was a foul. The Mexican defender put the referee in a position where he was forced to make the call - bad move on his part. Robben had created problems for their defense for the entire game.


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